WatchmenI had been waiting and waiting to check out Watchmen because I love comic book movies even though I was never particularly a fan of comic books growing up. I have almost always enjoyed comic book movies, with the exception of Catwoman and perhaps Daredevil…however, we can now add Watchmen to the list. I didn’t even make it more than thirty minutes in to this movie, the characters were dull, lacking that certain something that you expect from comic book heroes brought to life. The story line was lacking and exceedingly slow to pick up…in fact I am not certain that much of a storyline was established even thirty minutes in.

I went in to the movie with the hopes of seeing sexy men in costumes saving the day but what I was unfortunately met with was a group of failing “super heroes” and one complete psychopath who tried ever so hard to make a comic book come to life and instead pushed me out of the door after the first thirty minutes.

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